英語日記 オーストラリア わくわくファーム滞在記(ジンジャー農場編)

I arrived in Tewintin where its the city near Noosa in QLD.

It takes within 25minutes to get to Noosa by a car.

It's reaaly beautiful countryside views which has beautiful river, beautiful sea and the natinal park there.

Besides, its famous for sutfing spots according to my friends. I've seen so many Japanese surffers  there.

Of course, I've tried surfing once in my life and I was,,,,not good at it.

This is another story to tell. It's also funny and hartwarming one.


Anyway, finally I could get a Ginger farm job there thanks to my friend.

My frirend and I was staying in the same house,so he gave me many advice to me about what I needed to prepared for.

So what I bought for working at farm was below


・A cooler bag(you can buy at supermaeket such as Woolworth and Coles in  Aus)

・Suncream(I sweated a lot like a pig so it washed away though )

・Mountain hat (it doesnt look good on me but I cant help it...)

・A pair of rubber groves (you can buy at homecenter or supermarket)

・A pair of boots for working on the farm (you can find it at homecenter called "Target" )

・Ingredients for breakfast and lunch(sandwich is better for your daily routine)   

・Some long-sleeved shirts(better to wear long sleeved one for not getting biten by some bugs)


I bought so many things but you dont have to by expensive items for the first time if you want to work for any farm because you will get darty or sweat as long as you keep working. Once you finish working, probabry you might throw it away. 

Thats  the reasons why you dont have to buy the expensive ones.


Even now, I could clearly remember the very first day of a ginger farm.

It stopped rainning before dawn on the day so that the ground in the farm was muddy somehow. That was bad conditon for me for the first day.


Our  boss was a woman from Newzealand who always putting on sunglasses.

It made her look cooler than her age. Her name was Lyn.

Another super viser,his name was Andrew, he looked very strong.

It never came to me that I could beat him if had fight with him.  

A track driver was Rodney, always making fun of someone eles.

An old local farmer was called"Peter Curry" He looked kind of a bad guy who got a tattoo on his both arms,which almost faded because of the sun.I was not sure about his real name was Curry or not. Everybody called him so.

There were so many unique farmers working there. 

I became a member of the crew.


In the morning, my boss Lyn was yelling at us.

It seemed Somebody put rotten gingers in the container. 

she told every one of us to turn over the box because she wanted to make sure that 

we didn't put any rotten ones or not.

This was my first day....you know that? It was really hard to tell good or bad.


"Hey Ryo!(I was called"Ryo") You know good or bad??" she talked to me.

"No, I dont know yet."shuck my head.


She picked up some gingers and showed me and said

"This is good!!"she put in the box.

"That is bad!! You understand??" she threw it very far.

I was just looking at her talking to myself like"oh, my goodness"

I was a little scared of her. Everybody was keeping quiet until lunch.


She yelled "Smoke off"

"Smoke off" means "break time" for them.

I was worried if I could keep working there or not.

Maybe next day will be better than today. I kept saying to myself.

My freind was not good at English. in addition, he was not talkative person,

so he wasn't care about the atmosphere at the workplace in the first time.


After lunch, I was assigned into another task which was called"bucketter

This was the made-up word "bring the boxes all workers filled with gingers in to the

container. Then I have to go and back repeatedly"

This was the most hard task ever. The ground was muddy and workers kept filling up the box. It was forbitten fot a bucketter to keep them waiting so I had to move quickly.

The go-around and the sun were killing me especially afternoon.

I was sweating like a pig and  was exhausted because of the cruel task.

I think I was aboout to be down any time soon.

Then Lyn said " Today"s over evrydody!!"

I managed to survive as a bucketter.

I could understand why most of workers didnt want to do this part.

they knew it!! I decided not to do it again from tomorrow...


When I came home, I felt tired so I went to bed very early.

Just Day 1 passed....My freind told me that it was not easy here before I started.

That was so true but I had to keep going to get a second working holiday visa.

My stay just began...