英語日記 オーストラリア わくわくファーム 滞在記(ジンジャーファーム編)【My family】

It's been 1 month since I started to work at ginger farm.

Gradually I gettging used to the firming life itself.

In the house where I lived, there were 3 men and 1 women in the same house,

but we had a different firm job.

I was in the ginger. The other man was in zucchini. Another man was in avocado.

The woman was in other ginger firm.


Nomally, we all waked up 4:30am or 5am in the morning to prepare for working.

We always helped each other. We were like a family.

The funny thing was I was the youngest person of 4, but everyone called me 

"Big brother." How embarrassed I was.

At first, I insisted that it was strange for me.

However, I got used to been called the name.

I always cared for the others. that was the reason why they named it. I got it.


The oldest man was Yusuke who was 3 years older than me.

He got long hair tied up on the top.

When we saw him for the first time, something was wrong with him.

I couldn't describe it well but I felt somthing from him.

In summer, it gets at 30c 〜40c, so we usually feel hot even at night.

He was wearing a longsleeved-shirt and a full-length pants.

It was in the middle in the sumemr here.

"Why is he wearing them??" I was wondring.


After a while,He took a bath and came to the dining room where we eat dinner.

He was wiping his body,walking toward us.

We all looked at him and realized" Oh, He has got tattoo on whole his body."

That was something I felt from him at first glance.

It was very common to get tattoo on his body, so I ddint feel anything.

And yet, there were whole his body except his upper side of his back.

I thought him as if he used to be a Japanese mafia or something.

I was felt sort cold breeze, which made me wake up even if I was drunk.

I wasn't expecting to live with ex-mafia person in the same house.

the thought was going around in my mind over and over.

Suddenly, One of the room mate was asked him

"Hey, Yusuke, were you a mafia or something when you were in Japan?"

It was really a good but brief question I have never imagine to asked for.

He remained silence.

I thought "What do you mean!!?? Why you are keeping quiet!!"

Then he answered.


"No, I'm not a kind. I used to give them tattoos as my work."

It turned out that he was a tattoo artist. I was relieved to hear he wasn't.

He liked surfing and he came to Australia for surfing.

Here in Australia, wave was incredibly good for surfing according to him.

In additon, it was one of the major sports being loved by from young to adult.

When he came back from surfing, he always talked about the wave conditions.

I was wondering if he knew I had never done surf,not to memtion even touching boards. The day when I had to tell the truth would come very soon.

He was not a mafia. that was the breaking news for me by the way. 

Maybe I would be able to get good sleep today. 

To be continued.